Ecuador’s Amazon is one of the world’s greatest natural treasures. The Ecuadorian tropical rainforest holds one of the largest systems of biodiversity. More than 500 species of birds, 1000 species of fish, 400 species of amphibians and reptiles, 200 species of mammals, and many thousands of species of insects live in Amazonian Ecuador. In addition, more than 20.000 known plant and tree species grow in the jungle. However, the number of species is actually higher because many species are still unknown to western science.

Ecuador's Amazon rainforest is composed of approximately 130,000 square kilometers, almost half of the country’s land area. As the rainforest gradually ascends from the Amazon basin to the high Andes, the ecosystem is continually changing, providing an endless variety of plant and animal habitats. White water rapids, impressive waterfalls and spectacular viewpoints abound in the jungle close to the Andes. Deeper inside the Amazon basin there are flat, flooded forests, with large lagoons containing abundant wildlife.

If you want to explore the amazing biodiversity of the Amazon, a tour to one of our jungle lodges is the best option. Our lodges are located deep in the jungle and surrounded by primary forest. Each day you will have several excursions - hiking or by canoe - accompanied by an experienced bilingual naturalist guide who will tell you all about the rainforest. The native guide will explain you about the indigenous culture and traditions, and teach you how to survive in the jungle. Our accommodations vary from tourist class (Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve) to very comfortable first class lodges (Napo Wildlife Centre and Huaorani Ecolodge).





“Our trip to Cuyabeno was just great and everything worked perfectly. The lodge was very comfortable, the food was great and the staff was most helpful. The guides we had in the jungle did a great job. They offered even more than you mentioned in your leaflet. We had early morning boat trips to see the birds, at noon we went hiking through the jungle, in the afternoon we visited a local settlement (second day) or had an extended boat trip to Rio Aguas Negras (third day)…. and finally in the evening we went again hiking or fishing. We were always busy and saw a lot. In summary, I can really recommend the lodge and the guides!”

Prof. Josef Zeyer, Switzerland




“The Huaorani Lodge is an excellent place, and the people were fantastic. Our trip was well organized, with a varied and interesting program. Our guide was great, he has an excellent knowledge about the Huaorani, the wildlife, the Oriente, and a personal interest in all these things.”

Thomas Vogel and Sarah Ansel, France



“I am back in the States and I wanted to tell you how amazing our journey into the jungle was. Our trip contained the perfect amount of culture, sweat and science. Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable about the environment. Also, I`d like to thank you for all the preparations and planning that went into this trip. You were extremely helpful and gracious with all the information you provided.”

Brian Dixon, USA















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