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Type: Motor vessel
Category: Luxury Class
Capacity: 48 passengers
Crew: 23 + 4 naturalist guides
Accomodation: 20 luxury cabins (twins / doubles) and 4 luxury plus cabins (triples), ample bathrooms (hot water), air conditioning
Departure days: Friday, Monday
Length: 63 m. / 209 ft.
Width:     12,5 m. / 41 ft.
Speed: 10 knots


Western Galapagos 8 days: Friday to Friday

Friday: Baltra Airport - North Seymour
Saturday: Isabela (Vicente Roca Point) – Fernandina (Espinoza Point)
Sunday: Isabela (Urbina Bay - Tagus Cove)
Monday: Rábida - Santa Cruz (Cerro Dragón)
Tuesday: Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station – Highlands)
Wednesday: Floreana (Post Office Bay, Champion, Cormorant Point)
Thursday: Santa Fe - South Plaza
Friday: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - San Cristobal Airport

Northern Galapagos 5 days: Monday to Friday

Monday: Baltra Airport - Santa Cruz (Highlands)
Tuesday: Santa Cruz (Eden Islet) - Chinese Hat
Wednesday: Bartolomé - Santiago (Sullivan Bay)
Thursday: Genovesa (Darwin Bay - Prince Phillip’s Steps
Friday: Transfer to Baltra Airport

Eastern Galapagos 4 days: Friday to Monday

Friday: San Cristobal Airport - San Cristobal (Cerro Colorado)
Saturday: San Cristobal (Pitt Point – Witch Hill)
Sunday: Española (Punta Suárez - Gardner Bay)
Monday: Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station) - Baltra Airport
cruises ecuador
cruises ecuador
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