Ten summits in the Ecuadorian Andes are over 5000 m. high and covered with eternal snow and ice. Climbing most of these five-thousanders doesn't require technical climbing experience, but you do need to be in very good physical shape and to have acclimatized sufficiently for the high altitude.

Our climbing team is formed by professional mountain guides, who all have many years experience in mountaineering. Before setting off, they will give you basic instructions about the use of the equipment and about the climbing route. On all our climbing tours, 1 guide taxes maximum 2 clients on his rope.


We organize the climbing trips on any day. For 1 single person, the cost is higher than for a group of 2 or more persons. If you travel alone and want to join a group, please check our Notice Board.








“First of all, thank you for the nice certificate, your guidance and support. I want to praise Julio Verne Travel for the perfect and successful planning and arrangement of my very recent 5-day Volcano Trekking tour with a visit of Chimborazo summit on the 5th day of this trek. The idea was born in the e-mail communications with Popkje, who gave the proposal how to realize an unbelievable dream of my childhood, which was latent in my mind for 47 years after reading the book “In the shadow of Chimborazo”. In the beginning of the tour  I still thought, it is almost impossible to get there just 6 1/2 days after coming from Galapagos sea level.  
However, with the help of
-      Popkje's and Luis
' smart planning of our 5 days trek (to combine day 4 and 5 in one day and add some additional daily a cclimatization exercises)
-      Patricio's perfect pace and guidance on the summit day
-      The delicious coca tea which seems to ban headache and pain and allow a good sleep at night
-      And JVT good connection with the weather god
I could make my dream come true.

Thanks again to the whole team of Julio Verne Travel for the professional preparation and guidance to allow me that unforgettable tour.’’

Dr. Joerg Schieferdecker, Germany




“Julio Verne Travel has a better selection of equipment than any other guide agency I’ve used. My guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly. This is the best guide agency I have used on any continent.’’

Robert Hauske, Germany



“My guide on Cotopaxi was a highly experienced person, communicative, caring about safety and adjusting his speed of walking to mine almost immediately. I appreciate the very friendly approach from the company, offering help and advices even for matters that were not related to the tour..”

Wojciech Przybylowicz, South Africa




“The Chimborazo climbing program was well structured and we received everything that was quoted. The guide was knowledgeable, well equipped and professional, all the equipment serviceable and practical. We found Julio Verne very flexible; we canceled a tour and rescheduled another and the agency was very understanding. Also very informative.

Alan Treeby, England



“The Cotopaxi climb has been excellent. My guide was very good: friendly and professional. A full set of equipment was provided and of a high standard. Everything was covered and I will recommend Julio Verne Travel.

Paul White, Ireland


















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