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Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands MAPS
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If you want to encounter nearly all of South America's diverse cultural, geological and wildlife attractions, Ecuador is an excellent destination. You'll find an amazing amount of diversity in such a small country.

Ecuador's Andes Mountains contain gigantic snow-capped volcanoes, deep-blue crater lakes, and charming indigenous villages. The primary rain forests of the Amazon basin are home to numerous monkey species, toucans, macaws and giant anacondas. And finally, Ecuador is the only country with access to the unique animal world of the Galapagos Islands where you can swim with sea lions and come eye-to-eye with giant tortoises all in the same day. Unlike in other South American countries, all of these amazing experiences are within a day's travel of one another.

Nature lovers come to Ecuador for its biodiversity. There are more than 1750 species of birds (including condors, parrots, and hummingbirds), and 20,000 species of plants (of which more than 4,500 species are orchids). There live more than 369 species of mammals, including howler and capuchin monkeys, giant anteaters, jaguars, pumas, fresh water dolphins, spectacled bears, foxes and wolves.

The culture of Ecuador is as diverse as its scenery. Spread through the Andes and the Amazon live 13 different indigenous tribes, each with their own language and culture. In the picturesque villages of the highlands you'll meet colorfully dressed Indians creating high-quality traditional artwork. And whether it be in large cities or small towns you will want to soak up the ambiance of Spain's colonial legacy in Ecuador.













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